1. DQ140/20YB Hydraulic Power TongsAt the end of master tongs is a rigid support to which an extended front guide rod is attached. Thanks to this prolonged rod, the whole tongs can clamp objects that are 600mm away from the tongs. The pressure at which the hydraulic oil is transferred... READ MORE >
    1. DQ140/25Y Hydraulic Power Tongs This device is especially suited for use in deep wells that are formed in hard formations. Known for the great clamping performance and maximum safety, this gripping unit is also easy to maintain and repair. READ MORE >
    1. DQ178/40Y-TB Hydraulic Power TongsThis type hydraulic power tongs feature a rigid casing made from low-alloy manganese steel plates. Various-sized jaw plates, tong dies, and open-throat ring gears are all constructed from alloy steel through forging and other heat treating processes ... READ MORE >
    1. DQ197/40Y-TB Hydraulic Power TongsThe backup tongs use two hydraulic cylinders to push and pull the two movable tong arms for holding and loosening the objects. Extended front and rear guide rods allow the backup tongs to clamp onto the pipe couplers as well as production tubing. READ MORE >
    1. NJY/YT Computerized Torque Control SystemReal-time monitoring and control of the tubing and casing make-up process guarantees the quality in assembly work. User-friendly interface, powerful data gathering and control functions, and real-time display of torques, rotational speeds ...READ MORE >

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Welcome to JINYOU Machinery! Our hydraulic tubing tongs, drill pipe tongs, and other high-performance products have been utilized by major oilfields since 2002. Contact us today to find out how our one-stop service can benefit your drilling project!

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